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Triton and I


Jonette and Triton by Norman MacDonald

Amsterdam Scriptum is an online literary journal featuring flash fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry. The purpose of Amsterdam Scriptum is to provide a venue for talented writers.

About the name and history:

This online journal started life in June 2002 with a slightly different name and a different address. I christened it Treehouse Scriptum and established it when I was Managing Director of Writing Activities for the American Book Center’s ABC Treehouse in Amsterdam. Subsequently, I decided to continue with the journal but to change the name and move it to my own site. It is now Amsterdam Scriptum.

You can browse the archives to read all previous issues of Treehouse Scriptum and Amsterdam Scriptum.

About me:

I am a writer, artist, designer, and creativity mentor living in the Netherlands with four beautiful cats and a giant Leonberger dog, Triton, shown above.

Jonette Stabbert, Editor