Writer's Guidelines for Amsterdam Scriptum Revised 2006

Amsterdam Scriptum is now a paying market. We will pay $10 on publication. Payment is by Amazon gift certificate (Amazon.com has international offices).

Writers are invited to submit quality work, which will be featured on the website for two months. Being featured on our website makes you a published writer.
International submissions are welcome.

Submit your writing as follows:

   * Paste your submission into the body of an email. Do not attach
     files! Attachments will be deleted, unread.

   * Write 'Scriptum submission' as the subject of your email.

   * Important: Save your text first as a text file (TXT) or rich text
     file (RTF) before copying it to paste into an email. Otherwise, it
     may arrive as gibberish.

   * Include a short biography (45 words) with your submission.

   * List your full name, address, telephone number and email address.
     These are for our records only. They will not appear on the
     website, unless you specify that your email address be made
     public. Other editors may wish to contact you directly, or you may
     receive feedback from readers.

   * Submissions that do not follow the guidelines will be deleted and
     no reply will be sent to the writer.

   * Send to: amsterdamscriptum@stabbert.com

At the present time, we are not accepting art submissions.

Do not deluge us with submissions!

Send only one short piece of writing*, not more than 1200 words. Make it your very best. We welcome and prefer flash fiction (ultra short pieces). We prefer to receive your original work, but will  accept quality  reprints. Please mention where the work originally was published.

*Poets, take note: Please, please do not send a vast number of poems. You may send several poems, provided the total for your submitted work is not more than 1200 words. Ignore this and you will be rejected without notice.

Check to make certain that spelling, grammar and punctuation are correct. Stay within the word limit. We only accept submissions written in English.

Submit either fiction or non-fiction. It may be a poem, short story, memoir or essay. All genres and styles will be considered, except work that we deem objectionable. Many literary journals do not accept genre writing (mysteries, science fiction, etc.). We do not go along with this snobbism. Our criterion is good writing.

We only accept email submissions.

Response time:
We will try to respond to submissions within six weeks, but it can take up to three months. You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt within a week. Please nudge us if you haven't received a receipt or heard back within six weeks.

If your work is rejected, please realize we are not rejecting you personally. Try, try again. If your work is not a good fit for Amsterdam Scriptum, we will sometimes recommend another market.

*Let us know if you would like to receive editorial comments. (We can't promise we'll find the time, but will try to do this if you ask.) 

Disclaimer: All submissions must be your original work. The author is responsible for the work featured at the site and Jonette Stabbert accepts no liability for misuse of any kind.