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Our featured writers are like family. We’re proud and delighted when they have literary successes.


Amanda Stern honored us with an appearance in Issue 1 of Treehouse Scriptum. Her story Every Step They Made is archived for your reading pleasure. Amanda’s been busy. Her novel The Long Haul has received rave reviews and she’s the host and curator of the Happy Ending Music and Reading Series in New York City . You can learn more about Amanda’s current doings and find links to buy her book through

Fellow writers will get a kick out of the rejection notices she’s posted on her site.


Audrey Weinberg: The Silence of that Moment, originally published in Treehouse Scriptum Issue 2, August 2002, was spotted by an anthology editor so Audrey's story was published again in In Our Own Words – Vol. 5; A Generation Defining Itself
Edited by Marlow Peerse Weaver ISBN – 0-9654136-6-7